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Known for their innovation and manufacturing standards, Yamaha watercrafts are in a league of their own with their famous Waverunner leading the way. With a focus on power and precise control, this model has been a fan favorite since day one. When you need the best in Yamaha Waverunner parts to keep your model running at the peak performance levels expected of this name, we have you covered with all the solutions you need.

First introduced in 1986, the Waverunner was the world's first sit-down type open stern production personal watercraft. This model was so successful that it would become the accepted design for this type of vehicle still today with other manufacturers following Yamaha's lead. When the model was first brought to the market, it caused a renewed interest in this type of water vehicle and would serve as the blueprint for expansions for double and even three passenger models still to come. Today, this model offers some of the most reliable and powerful high output 3-cylinder engine performance on the scene making it a constant choice for those looking for speed on the water.

We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection of Yamaha Waverunner parts to outfit your model with everything it needs. As an authorized dealer, we are proud to bring you OEM Yamaha Waverunner parts straight from the manufacturer which ensures a lasting solution made with the specifications of your model in mind. In addition to the various years and specifications available, you will also find we cover a wide range of areas. Whether looking for a bilge pump, oil pan, or a repair kit, we have it all in one convenient location, so you can get the right solution and get back on the water in no time. With a wide range of options available coupled with the high quality of the products offered, finding the right part has never been easier. If you have any questions about our inventory, please contact us for further assistance on the matter today. We are happy to help in any way!

Yamaha Waveunner Parts FAQ

Q: Why do Yamaha WaveRunners shoot water?
The water that WaveRunners and jet skis shoot is called a “rooster tail.” The purpose of this stream of water is solely for enhanced visibility while out on the water. When you’re riding in the waves, it can be difficult for others to spot you. The water spout is more easily detectable.

Q: How many hours will a Yamaha WaveRunner last?
On average, a WaveRunner gets about 30 hours of ride time a year with the typical rider. So if your jet ski is 3 years old, it likely has about 90 hours. They can last upwards of 300 hours when properly taken care of over the years. After 300, it will be time to begin considering an upgrade.

Q: How do you break in a Yamaha WaveRunner?
To get the most out of your new WaveRunner, it must be broken in properly. This process happens over a 10-hour period, which does not have to be done all at once. For the first hour, run the WaveRunner’s motor at varying speeds up to 2000 rpm. Allow the jet ski to completely cool down. For the second hour, accelerate enough to put the boat on plane, then slightly back off the throttle without leaving the plane. For the remaining eight hours, run it at all speeds without running at Wide Open Throttle for more than 5 minutes at a time. Consult your owner’s manual for more information, which may offer different instruction than the above. Find yours online here.

Q: Can you run a Yamaha WaveRunner out of water?
Yes. When the WaveRunner is properly trailered, you can run it in order to rid it of salt water if you typically ride in the ocean. Otherwise, it is not recommended you run it out of water longer than 10 seconds to avoid engine damage.

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