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Yamaha Snowmobile Buying Guide

Yamaha Snowmobile Buying Guide

Are you in the market for a new snowmobile? With so many brands and models to choose from, landing on a decision may seem like an impossible feat. However, one brand stands apart from the rest with more than 40 years of innovation and excellence. Yamaha’s snowmobiling story began back in 1965 with the development of their first prototype. Since then, they have proven themselves to be a legend among snowmobile manufactures, delivering an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts with every model they introduce to the lineup. In this Yamaha snowmobile buying guide, we take an in-depth look at all the latest models to help you find the perfect trail, crossover, mountain, or touring sled.

Yamaha Trail Snowmobiles

Trail snowmobiles range from entry-level to high-performance. Entry-level sleds are lightweight, easy to operate, and perfect for riding groomed trails. If you are up for more of a challenge, trail sport snowmobiles are the next logical choice to try, because they provide a little more speed but still have a relatively small engine so as not to overwhelm you. Every model in this class features a Turbo 4-Stroke / 998cc or 1049cc engine with electronic fuel injection.

  • 2019 Sidewinder SRX LE: This turbo-boosted sled has earned its title as the world’s fastest production snowmobile.
    MSRP: $17,999*
  • 2020 Sidewinder L-TX LE: This sled is powerful and pulls the corners closer together than you ever thought possible.
    MSRP: $17,899*
  • 2020 Sidewinder L-TX GT: This sled strikes the right balance with high-tech performance, functionality, and aggressive styling for seasoned, high-mileage riders.
    MSRP: $16,799*
  • 2020 Sidewinder L-TX SE: This sled is ready to dominate the trail with a race-bred chassis and adjustable shocks.
    MSRP: $15,899*
  • 2019 Sidewinder L-TX DX: This sled combines power with comfort, not to mention a heated seat for high-mile rides.
    MSRP: $15,899*
  • 2020 SRViper L-TX GT: This sled features sleek, aerodynamic lines as well as improvements in air flow and intake.
    MSRP: $14,499*
  • 2020 SRViper L-TX SE: This sled is the most affordable option in the trail sport lineup but it doesn’t compromise on performance and styling cues from the idewinder.
    MSRP: $13,499*
  • 2019 SRViper L-TX: This sled combines low-end torque and instant throttle response to provide smooth power for all day rides.
    MSRP: $12,799*

Yamaha Crossover Snowmobiles

Crossover snowmobiles, also known as cross-country sleds, are meant to handle all manner of rigorous riding. These sleds typically come with fine-tuned handling and excellent traction for trail lovers as well as long tracks to handle deep snow for adventurers. Every model in this class features a Turbo 4-Stroke / 998cc engine with electronic fuel injection.

  • 2020 Sidewinder X-TX LE 146: This purebred cross-country sled promises exceptional control and consistent handling.
    MSRP: $17,399*
  • 2020 Sidewinder X-TX SE 146: This sled will have you carving up the deep snow or hitting the trail in no time at all.
    MSRP: $16,399*
  • 2019 Sidewinder X-TX LE 141: This sled is quick to respond in deep snow and easy to control on an expansive trail network.
    MSRP: $16,799*
  • 2019 Sidewinder X-TX SE 141: This sled comes equipped with a full-width front end and versatile track that is ideal for cross-country riders.
    MSRP: $16,299*
  • 2020 Sidewinder B-TX LE 153: This sled is tailored to suit the needs of anyone looking to ride aggressively off trail.
    MSRP: $17,599*

Yamaha Mountain Snowmobiles

Mountain snowmobiles are made longer and narrower than most other models, so they can propel up steep inclines and power through deep powder trails. These snowmobiles also have some of the most powerful engines and nickel alloy turbine bodies, with enough turbocharging and horsepower to help them offset the effects of high altitude riding.

  • 2019 Sidewinder M-TX LE 162: This sled has an ultra-compact suspension and one of the best power-to-weight ratios in the industry.
    MSRP: $17,299*

Yamaha 2-Up Touring and Utility Snowmobiles

Touring snowmobiles are ideal for anyone who wants long-lasting comfort whereas utility snowmobiles are perfectly suited to hauling, towing, and other work purposes.

  • 2020 RS Venture TF: This touring sled features a 1049cc triple 4-stroke engine, an adjustable passenger seat, and an integrated storage trunk.
    MSRP: $13,199*
  • 2020 VK Professional II: This sled features a large-capacity fuel tank and an ergonomically designed seat to ensure optimum comfort on long rides.
    MSRP: $13,899*
  • 2020 VK540: This sled is powered by a 540cc 2-stroke twin engine with mid-range torque to provide a reliable workhorse for any job.
    MSRP: $9,499*
  • 2020 Sidewinder S-TX GT: This sled offers extended fuel range, extra storage capacity, and all the comforts you might expect from a luxury sled.
    MSRP: $18,299*
  • 2020 Transporter 600: This sled features a reliable two-stroke engine with back-up recoil starting and a deep understanding of what it takes to get the job done.
    MSRP: $12,399*

Yamaha Youth Snowmobiles

Is your little one interested in hitting the trail with you this season? Yamaha offers several youth sled models to choose from that are perfect for youngsters. Each sled in this class focuses on comfort, handling, and safety, so you can rest assured that your child will be secure while exploring the backcountry. These sleds come with a handful of new and improved features that are sure to make a great first impression on any child who is interested in snowmobiling.

  • 2020 Snoscoot ES: This sled comes with a new BS carburetor, choke lever, and airbox to make for easier cold starting and provide hours of outdoor winter enjoyment.
    MSRP: $4,399*
  • 2020 SRX120R: This sled is powered by a 123cc engine that delivers spunky performance and comes with speed control as well as an array of safety features.
    MSRP: $2,999*

When looking at the vast selection of trail, crossover, mountain, touring, utility, and youth snowmobiles that Yamaha offers, it is no surprise why this powersports legend has earned a reputation for value and versatility. Hopefully this Yamaha snowmobile buying guide gives you the push you need to jumpstart your snowmobiling adventure with a machine that can truly conquer the snow. We would be more than happy to help you find the right snowmobile model that fits your needs and answer any questions you may have. Explore our Yamaha inventory today to learn more!