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Yamaha Scooter Buying Guide

Yamaha Scooter Buying Guide

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned scooter veteran, investing in a new set of wheels is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. With such a wide variety of brands to choose from, now is the perfect time to be picky. When looking at the long and celebrated history of Yamaha, it comes as no surprise why this brand has earned a loyal following of riders around the globe. Yamaha’s scooters are sleek, stylish, and sporty in all the right places. In this Yamaha scooter buying guide, we take a closer look at all the accessories, specifications, and features you can expect from the latest scooter models.

Yamaha Scooter Buying Guide

In Japan and beyond, Yamaha has earned a reliable reputation for manufacturing scooters that last and look good all the while. Compared to motorcycles, scooters are great for anyone that prefers a natural seating position and doesn’t want to be bothered with shifting gears. That’s where Yamaha can help. Yamaha’s growing line of scooters includes a wide variety of models for you to choose from, each offering its own distinct set of characteristics and specifications.

2019 XMAX: When you need a sporty solution that is fuel-efficient and performance-proven, you can have everything on your wish list with Yamaha’s XMAX. This surprisingly lightweight and sophisticated scooter is available for an unexpectedly low price. With a 292cc liquid-cooled engine, you can safely reach highway velocities and enjoy an estimated 75 mpg while you run errands or race down the freeway to your destination.

  • Wet Weight: 397 lbs.


2019 SMAX: Another highway-legal option in the Yamaha lineup, the SMAX is only second in size to the XMAX. This moderately powerful scooter is a viable option for beginners and commuters alike. With a 155cc liquid-cooled engine, the SMAX is not only smooth and quiet but it also makes the most of every gallon with an estimated 81 mpg fuel economy. Plus, the latest SMAX model features increased padding in the pillion seat for unsurpassed comfort.

  • Wet Weight: 328 lbs.


2019 Zuma 125: As the definitive option in its class, Yamaha’s Zuma 125 provides an excellent option in a compact package. This ultra-modern scooter is reminiscent of vintage scooters from the 1960s, with a minimal front faring and narrow design. Powering the Zuma 125 is a 125cc engine and forced air-cooling, so you get the simplicity of air-cooling with the capacity of a liquid-cooled mill. Plus, this surprisingly rugged sport scooter can handle all types of terrain.

  • Wet Weight: 262 lbs.


2018 Zuma 50FX: If you are looking for a fun and efficient way to get around town, look no further than the Zuma 50FX. This highly efficient ride provides a versatile option for transportation with a sporty sense of style. Don’t let the modestly sized 49cc liquid-cooled engine fool you. Yamaha’s Zuma 50FX can achieve an estimated 132 mpg on a full tank.

  • Wet Weight: 201 lbs.


2019 Zuma 50F: Commuting to work or school? With Yamaha’s tough yet sporty Zuma 50F, you can turn every trip into a full-fledged adventure. This boldly designed scooter offers dependable performance and a seamless riding experience, all powered by a 49cc liquid-cooled engine. Best of all, the Zuma 50F can achieve an estimated 132 mpg.

  • Wet Weight: 205 lbs.


2018 Vino Classic: Of all the scooters in Yamaha’s lineup, the Vino Classic delivers the best of both words with classic design with modern engineering. This stylish scooter may not be suitable for the highway, but it is perfect for running errands and provides ample space for groceries or all your essentials. Powering the Vino Classic is a 49cc liquid-cooled engine that makes the most of every gallon with an estimated 127 mpg fuel economy.

  • Wet Weight: 179 lbs.


We hope that this Yamaha scooter buying guide gives you a better idea of the scooters you can expect to see on the market this year and beyond. Yamaha is known for its continual commitment to innovation and excellence when it comes to manufacturing scooters. Best of all, by choosing Yamaha, you benefit from paying an affordable price without any compromise on performance and style. At Yamaha Parts Nation, we carry a large selection of Yamaha scooters and OEM accessories that can help you get back out on the street in no time. Please contact us with any questions.