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Yamaha Scooter Accessories

Yamaha Scooter Accessories

Although scooters may not be as fast or as powerful as motorcycles, they present an excellent alternative to adventurers and commuters alike. Yamaha is known worldwide for building scooters that are capable of exciting all sorts of riders. When it comes to making each trip successful, there are some necessary Yamaha scooter accessories you won’t want to ride without. In this guide, we explore some of the must-have essentials and gadgets every scooter rider should own.

Necessary Yamaha Scooter Accessories

Whether you live in the city or you simply want to soak up the countryside at your own pace, there is nothing quite like taking in the sights from the comfort of an electric scooter. Don’t get stuck on the side of the road in torrential rain or let yourself become distracted by that cell phone. Check out these must-haves to keep yourself ready for the road.

  1. Battery Charger: Nothing can ruin a ride quite like a dead battery. By keeping a battery charger in your scooter’s storage compartment, you will always be able to supply the battery with supplemental current and get it started.

  2. Device Mount: No phone call will ever be as important as your safety. With a universal stay, you can keep that GPS device or smartphone within reach but out of the way. Yamaha’s universal stay can be seamlessly integrated into the handlebar area of your scooter, and it will even hold and charge your device so you can stay connected and charged while you enjoy the ride.

  3. Grips: When you rely on your scooter for transportation, you have to be ready for cold riding conditions. Grip heaters give you the option of keeping your hands warm at the push of a button. Yamaha’s electrically-heated hand grips offer three different heat settings for you to choose from, and auto shut-off conserves battery life.

  4. Hand Deflectors: You can also keep your hands protected with a quality set of hand deflectors. Yamaha’s hand deflectors are made of molded polypropylene for durability and they offer great protection from the elements.

  5. Helmet: You shouldn’t assume that a scooter is much safer than a motorcycle. Even though they can’t reach the same speed as motorcycles, scooters are very vulnerable in parking lots, changing lanes, and intersections, because they are typically smaller than motorcycles and can easily get lost in the blind sports of surrounding vehicles. Impact protection is critically important, especially if you plan on testing the limits of your XMAX on the highway or your Vino Classic around the city. Keep an extra helmet, just in case a passenger decides to join you.

  6. Lock: Theft is an unfortunate fact of life, but you can do everything possible to protect your scooter from vandalism by investing in a security lock. Depending on where you park your scooter most often, you can easily find a product that provides the right amount of security and peace of mind.

  7. Luggage: Although most Yamaha scooters come with on-board storage compartments for backpacks and groceries, you may need additional storage space from time to time. A top case made by SHAD features a locking, quick-release mounting system and the additional storage space you need for your essentials. Yamaha-exclusive cases include an integrated backrest pad and a mounting plate that doubles as a luggage rack without the case.

  8. Poncho: Riding a scooter in the rain may be difficult but it’s not impossible. No matter the destination, you should plan on packing a rain poncho in your luggage or storage compartment, so you are always prepared for a storm.

  9. Storage Cover: Whether you are putting your scooter in storage for the winter or you are taking a little break from the open road, it’s important to find a dry, warm place. Yamaha’s tailor-fit storage covers are constructed from solution-dyed 300D polyester material for durability, with stitched and sealed seams to maintain ideal storing temperatures as well as vents for moisture to escape. These storage covers also come with heat shields in the muffler area, so you can cover your Yamaha scooter immediately after riding.

  10. Windscreen: Although a helmet will help to keep your face protected from the elements, you should also think twice about investing in a windscreen. Low, sporty windscreens offer moderate wind deflection while tall windscreens offer a little more protection. Look for a shield that suits your height, riding style, and expectations.

At Yamaha Parts Nation, we proudly keep a wide selection of necessary Yamaha scooter accessories in-stock and ready to ship, so you can make the most of each and every ride. We took the liberty of categorizing our selection by model series, so you can shop for accessories and replacement parts to go with your SMAX, XMAZ, Vino Classic, Zuma 125, Zuma 50F, or Zuma 50FX. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions or concerns.