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Winch Repair and Maintenance

Winch Repair and Maintenance

There are many parts to your ATV which make it a fun and functional vehicle type. The winch allows you to tow others and also acts as a way to anchor your vehicle to a larger object to tow yourself out of some tough spots. When it comes to winch repair and maintenance, most people skip out on this important area of their ATV. Here are a few tips for winch repair and maintenance worth knowing.

  1. 1. Check the battery

    One of the less often thought about aspects of winch repair and maintenance actually has to do with the battery. The winch only works as a result of the battery propelling the vehicle and if the winch isn’t getting that battery power, there might be an issue. The battery should be the first place you look if your winch isn’t working. Check the battery terminals to make sure they aren’t plagued by buildup or corrosion. You should also check the charge on the battery to make sure it has enough power to use the winch in the way it was designed.

  2. 2. Check the motor connections

    Another thing to check if your winch isn’t working properly is the winch motor connections. The winch motor cable connectors should be clean and tight enough to ensure a proper connection to operate the winch. If you find build-up, you should clean these connectors in the same manner you would clean the battery terminals.

  3. 3. Check the remote control

    The remote control can have a range of issues which are making it harder for the winch to operate. You should check this area for kinks in the cable or damages to the cable as well as checking the plug, socket, and terminals for signs of damage or corrosion. Many of these parts are relatively easy to replace and can be the difference between a working or broken winch system.

  4. 4. Check the winch cable for signs of damage

    The winch cable or rope should be inspected on a regular basis for kinks, broken strands, frays, or other signs of damage. The rope or cable needs to be strong and sturdy without any signs of damage in order for it to get the job done. If you find any areas of weakness, you will need to replace the entire cable, but this is an easy fix for such an important part of your machine.

  5. 5. Run the winch

    Part of maintaining the winch is to regularly run it whether you truly use it or not. A winch that sits unused for months at a time is bound to run into trouble when you do finally need to use it. Stretching or unrolling the winch will help to keep the gear train lubricated properly while also warming the motor to remove any moisture in the system. To do this, simply spool the rope or cable onto the drum with constant and consistent tension for the best results.