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WaveRunner Water Accessories

WaveRunner Water Accessories

Have you recently purchased a Yamaha WaveRunner? Finally ready to make some much needed upgrades to your current WaveRunner? There are tons of accessories on the market that will make hitting the water even more thrilling than it already is. When you go to search for the best water accessories to add to your jet ski, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options! That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite must-have WaveRunner water accessories that every type of rider should have, from beginners to seasoned experts. These will keep rides safe, comfortable, legal, and most of all fun.

Accessories for PWC Safety

  1. Life Jacket: : A life jacket is at the top of our list for good reason. Not only do you need to wear one for your own safety, but it’s the law! Don’t be afraid to spend on a high-quality life jacket. When properly cared for, these can last for several seasons. Remember – the cheaper the jacket, the cheaper the flotation foam used in it.

  2. Safety Whistle or Air Horn: : It’s a good idea to attach a whistle to all the life jackets in your home. Many states require that you have a safety whistle on hand anyways. Some riders pack an air horn too, just in case the whistle isn’t loud enough for help to hear.

  3. Dock Line: : This is needed to tie off your PWC to the dock if you aren’t immediately trailering it away. Bungee dock line is easier to use than marine rope, providing a little more stretch when the water is rough.

  4. Miscellaneous Tools: : There are a variety of tools to have on hand that you can store in a dry bag or another storage option. These include a telescoping paddle, first aid kit, small tool set, a knife, flashlight, pliers, a GPS system, and spare cash. You will need some or all of these things at some point. You will add to your selection of tools as you ride over the years.

  5. Personal Gear: : Many like to ride with riding gloves to maintain constant control of the handlebars. Other personal clothing considerations include wetsuits for cold weather riding and water shoes to keep your feet protected. You may even wish to wear a rash guard if you’ll be out playing around in the water with your family. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses to minimize sunburn!

  6. Safety Lanyard: : Lanyards are awesome in that they act as kill switches when you fall off the WaveRunner. It’s a good idea to keep an extra one with your gear should you lose the one your PWC came with.

  7. Ladder: : PWC ladders make boarding your jet much easier. They might seem unnecessary until you’re in a situation where a ladder could come in handy.

Accessories for Storage

  1. Dry Bag: : For additional apparel, gloves, sunscreen, towels, and anything else you don’t want in the water, a dry bag can really come in handy! Bring along one or two so you feel 100% prepared for the day’s weather and potential emergencies.

  2. Dry Box for Phone: : It pays to bring along a dry box for your phone. There are tons of these on the market, so you should have no issue finding one that fits your budget. Check out the reviews to ensure people have found it worthwhile. Use these dry boxes to also house your wallet and keys if they’ll fit.

Accessories for Fun

  1. Cooler: : For cool drinks and snacks, a cooler can make lunch time easy without having to leave the water. Install a ski rack on your WaveRunner that is large enough to fit a cooler. These often times have welded slots to insert fishing poles.

  2. Sound System: : Wireless Bluetooth speakers can make riding so much fun as you cruise listening to your favorite music. There are many different options you can go with here. Ensure whichever speakers you choose can be installed on your WaveRunner.

  3. Fishing Rack: : Going fishing on your PWC? Install a fishing rack to keep all your poles in place. Some fishing racks are designed to fit around your cooler, so you can fish and have ice cold drinks at the same time!

  4. Towable Tube: : Tow your family and friends with an awesome tube! You’ll need a tow rope and impeller protector to go along with these. They’re tons of fun and easily help create memories to look back on. Check out tubes from SPORTSSTUFF and Airhead.

Accessorizing your WaveRunner is a great way to make your PWC all your own. With this list, you can slowly start adding to your PWC so it’s just how you’d like it. There are many other types of water accessories out there that you may like to have outside of our list. What matters is your riding experience and what will enhance it.