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WaveRunner Storage

WaveRunner Storage

For Yamaha WaveRunners and other PWCs, storage space is crucial to safety holding your possessions. You may have even had the misfortunate of watching a phone or watch sink to the depths of a lake or the ocean. Maybe a sudden wipeout caused some of your cargo to fall out of the boat, resulting in you lugging around soaking wet clothes or towels. Keeping clothing, sunglasses, wallets, phones, towels, and other items dry is crucial, as being submerged can damage or ruin many of these. Because of this, there are many cargo options that easily install on both the front and back of the boat. In small bags to mounted storage bags, you can find the right ones for your boat to hold all of your cargo with room to spare. Here are a few WaveRunner storage options to consider for yours.

Dry Bags

More than likely, you'll want to bring your cell phone along for the ride to stay in touch with others if you plan to be on the water all day. When you've anchored to hang out with friends, your phone must be protected in some way in case you drop it into the water. Dry bags are specially designed to keep phones, mp3 players, smart watches, rings, important documents, and more protected from water. The sealing clip is what makes dry bags so effective, creating a tight seal that water can't penetrate. Plus, if you do drop these, they'll float. Keep a few of these on your boat for peace of mind for your most valuable items.

Handlebar Storage

Yamaha has their own Handlebar Pack, which is designed to conveniently mount to the WaveRunner's handlebars. The heavy-duty waterproof storage pack is perfect for keeping your keys, wallet, sunglasses, additional boat lanyard, and more. Since it mounts to this central area, it'll be away from the water and easily accessible.

Self-Adhesive Storage

There are self-adhesive storage pack options that simply mount with a hook and loop fastener above the WaveRunner's floor. Since the pack sits about knee level, it's very easy to access to grab things you need. What if water gets into the PWC? Not to worry! They'll mount high enough to be out of the way of accumulated water.

Hatch Storage

Mount a bag to your WaveRunner's hatch to store items like your phone, dock rope, radios, and more. Yamaha's EX Hatch Mounted Storage is mounted into the hatch for superior hold at all times. The transparent zippered window allows for quick access to your phone and other items.

Rear Storage Options

Yamaha offers a variety of rear storage for WaveRunners. One of them is with VX Stern Mounted Storage bag. This mounts securely without having to drill into your PWC. It's built with durable, weather resistant, compression-molded black EVA foam. Store bait, dry clothes, gloves, food, and more in this. The VX Stern Mounted Storage is compatible with the VX Cooler Bag as well, giving you even more storage capability. There is also the EX Stern Mounted Storage solution, which is designed and functions like the VX iteration. These are easily accessible for passengers, too.

Beneath the seat, you can upgrade the storage with the Rear Storage Tub by RIVA®. It provides 4 gallons of storage room to use however you'd like. Keep jackets, towels, shoes, t-shirts, and whatever else in this bin. It removes easily and requires no modification to install.

Upgraded Bow Storage

Install a larger bow storage tray to store more towels, dry clothes, first aid, shoes, and other items without the fear of getting them wet. These have roll-top closure for excellent water protection. Whether you have a WaveRunner EX or VX, you can find the right size to suit your model.

These are a few of the most commonly seen storage options for Yamaha WaveRunners. It doesn't matter which model you own, as many of these bags are compatible with all WaveRunners. With some or all of these equipped, you'll be able to bring along everything you need for a full day in the sun. Never worry about insufficient cargo space again! You can finally head out on the water feeling fully prepared for anything. Best of all, you'll be able to keep your technology, vessel documents, and more safe from water damage.