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Top 10 Snowmobile Accessories Every Rider Needs

Top 10 Snowmobile Accessories Every Rider Needs

A snowmobile is a great way to get around snowy terrains with speed and a little bit of fun. If you are new to the world of snowmobiling, the many accessories available may be tempting. Let’s take a look at the top 10 must-have snowmobile accessories every rider needs to send you shopping in the right direction.

  1. Helmet: One of the most important snowmobile accessories every rider needs is a reliable helmet. A helmet is often one of the more debated accessories in the community since most states do not require you to wear one, but a helmet serves a few important purposes that put it at the top of our list. For starters, a helmet protects your head from injuries which could be life-threatening. From hitting hard-packed snow to hitting rocks, trees, or other hard objects, protecting your head in the event of an accident is crucial because head injuries can lead to death. Another benefit of a helmet while snowmobiling is that a helmet will protect you from the cold and wind blowing in your face.

    When choosing a helmet, it’s best to go for full coverage over open face since it will offer more protection. There are plenty of helmet options on the market today to give you enough variety in style, function, or price point. Whether you want a helmet with GoPro attachments available or just a simple helmet to protect your head, there is one on the market for you. When shopping for this item, look for DOT or Snell safety standards to ensure a safe helmet for your riding needs.

  2. Gloves: Riding in the snow can make your fingers numb and hard to move. There is no denying you need full use of your hands while riding to grip the handlebars, steer, and work any features on your model. The right pair of gloves can help your hands handle the cold with ease. While you can opt for standard winter gloves, many snowmobile riders prefer heated gloves for added warmth in chilly temperatures. If you do not have heated handlebars on your ski, heated gloves are the next best thing.

  3. Jacket: A proper riding jacket for winter riding is an essential every rider needs. A riding jacket should meet certain performance hallmarks. For starters, you will want a jacket made with material that is moisture wicking and quick drying on the shell to keep you dry. You also want a heavy jacket capable of insulating your body heat to keep you warm while riding. While some choose to layer their jacket with other cold-weather apparel, others choose a heated jacket which keeps them warm without as many additional layers.

  4. Riding pants: This is one of the more often overlooked snowmobile accessories every rider needs. While you may think you can ride in any pair of pants, there are advantages to wearing snowmobile pants. If you have ever experienced damp jeans or pants, you know firsthand why snowmobile pants are better suited to the environment. Snowmobile pants can often be worn over regular pants for added versatility so you can take them off after a ride and still have dry pants. You can also choose riding pants you wear both on the ski and off, as well as options with heated abilities for added warmth during frigid rides.

  5. Boots: Riding a snowmobile definitely requires its own footwear. While you could ride in your usual winter boots, you and your feet would be missing out. Snowmobile boots are made specifically for the task of riding and offer better durability and protection than standard winter wear boots. Winter riding boots are made with a breathable material that is waterproof to keep feet dry and warm all winter long, and also feature harder toes and more arch support than typical boots to make longer riding trips more comfortable for your feet.

  6. Goggles: Another one of the most important snowmobile accessories every rider needs, a pair of goggles can come in handy when riding. If you are choosing to ride with a full coverage helmet that still leaves the eye area exposed, an open face helmet, or no helmet at all, goggles play an important role in safe snowmobile riding. Goggles protect your eyes from the wind, rain, snow, and cold while also helping with visibility. A good pair of goggles will have antifogging lenses to make sure the heat of your body doesn’t fog up your vision. There are several styles of goggles on the market so you can find the right one for your needs and budget.

  7. Emergency communication device: Whether this is a phone stored in a dry bag or an emergency walkie talkie style radio, you need some form of emergency communication device when you go out for a ride. It is far too easy to go for a ride and a situation arises, such as being stranded, lost, or caught in bad weather, and having that line of communication at the ready is the easiest way to safe.

  8. Fuel caddy: Running out of gas in the middle of your ride can be a dangerous scenario for a rider. It’s a good idea to buy a fuel caddy you can easily take with you, so you are ready to go in the event you run out. This will give you enough to get back to civilization and refuel your ride without a disaster or hypothermia.

  9. Foldable shovel: A foldable shovel is a great accessory to have on hand as a snowmobile rider. Snow can become dense and hard packed or overly soft when you go off a trail with both presenting unique concerns for your ski. A small foldable shovel will allow you to dig your ski out if it gets stuck so you can get back to riding again.

  10. First aid kit: A first aid kit is a must-have for any riding activity. Your first aid kit should have bandages, gauze, emergency thermal blanket, hand warmers, waterproof matches or fire starter, and antiseptic. A first aid kit should also include a few essentials for the harsh environment such as flashers, signals, flares, extra food and water, and a tarp if you need to make an overnight shelter in an emergency.