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Side by Side Accessories

Side by Side Accessories

When it comes to the ultimate off-roading experience, there are certain accessories and attachments you will want to have on hand. Muddy conditions, cold temperatures, and the risk of injury can certainly take a toll on your trip, unless you have the right supplies to help you handle any obstacle in your path. This list of necessary side-by-side accessories includes a wide variety of ideas and recommendations to help you make each ride on your UTV more enjoyable. Before you hit the track or the trail again, be sure to stock up on any accessories that will come in handy and keep you safe.

Necessary Side-By-Side Accessories

  1. Winch: When you get stuck or one of your fellow riders starts to sink in the mud, you will be glad to have a winch installed on your UTV. The backcountry consists of tough trail sections that can pose all kinds of problems, but a winch will be able to haul your side-by-side out of sticky situations and tough terrain. Some UTV winches come with multiple mounting options for you to choose from.

  2. Air Pump: Nothing can ruin an off-roading trip quite like a flat tire. Take cue from seasoned side-by-side riders by investing in a quality air pump for all your future adventures. Minor leaks and punctures can usually be plugged with a simple repair kit, but an air pump will help you get your UTV back up to proper psi in no time at all and keep you from getting stranded on the trail.

  3. Cooler: Out on the trail, it’s easy to lose track of time. However, your body is a pro at letting you know when it’s time to refuel and fill up on food. You will need a reliable way to keep your beverages and food cold. There are a wide range of affordable coolers on the market, but an extreme cooler can hold ice for longer periods of time and hold up to trail abuse. Look for a cooler that comes with multiple tie-down points and a rugged construction.

  4. Riding Gear: They say that once ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure. Off-roading enthusiasts may be hardcore thrill-seekers, but most understand the risks they take each time they ride. A hardy side-by-side can take a beating, but the human body cannot. It’s important to suit up with protective apparel and accessories that can keep you safe in the event of rollovers or other emergencies. Invest in a first-rate helmet and a good pair of goggles as well as underlayers to keep you comfortable and warm when the temperatures start to drop.

  5. Dry Box: In an unpredictable environment, you may come into contact with rain, mud, snow, hail, or other elements that can pose a risk to your personal belongings. It’s important to find a bag, box, or seat console in which you can store your phone, wallet, or other essentials and keep them dry.

  6. Tow Straps: Getting stuck is part of the fun in the off-road, but you will eventually want to free your side-by-side from the mud and keep moving. Much like a winch, tow straps are one of those items you’ll want to have on hand just in case you or one of your buddies ends up in a bind in the backcountry. Plus, the compact size makes it easy to store tow straps in your gear bag or attach them to your utility rack.

  7. Ramps: If you have a truck, you can make loading and unloading a trouble-free process by investing in a quality pair of ramps. Instead of settling for cheap plastic ramps, look for heavy-duty ramps made of aluminum or some other metal you can trust under pressure. You should also invest in a pair of straps to hold your UTV during transit.

  8. Tools: Even if you stick to a strict maintenance schedule, you will always find a need for tightening or adjusting something on your side-by-side. Most utility task vehicles don’t come fully equipped with a tool kit, but you can find plenty of tools and spare hardware to help you with quick repairs or alterations in the middle of a ride.

  9. Mirrors: Whether you are reversing on the trail or trying to take your UTV to the street, mirrors are essential to making every trip a safe one. A rearview mirror will allow you to see any riders behind you, so you can accelerate or slow down without risking a collision. Side mirrors are ideal for anyone that needs extra rearward visibility due to the limitation of four-point, five-point, or six-point seatbelts.

  10. Windshield: What may seem like the perfect day to ride can quickly turn into a chilly trip. Any conditions below 80 degrees will feel much colder when you’re sitting in the cockpit of your side-by-side. Windshields and wind deflectors are designed to divert the wind and protect your passengers. A folding windshield will give you the most versatility as conditions change.

Hopefully this list of necessary side-by-side accessories inspires you to make the most of every outdoor adventure you take from here on out.