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Easy ATV Fixes

Easy ATV Fixes

An all-terrain vehicle is a great investment for years of fun and function. There are a few things you need to do to keep your ATV in great shape and performing at peak levels. Here are a few of the most common easy ATV fixes every owner should know.

  1. 1. Checking the tire pressure

    One of the easiest fixes everyone should know is checking the air pressure. This is more of a troubleshooting task than a fix, but it will tell you if there is a problem so it’s still important. You can check the tire pressure using a tire gauge. Every ATV owner should have this tool on hand to check the tire pressure both at home and out on rides. If you feel like the vehicle is riding out of the ordinary, the first place to check is the tire pressure.

  2. 2. Fixing a flat tire

    There are two types of flat tires and both are serious. The first type of flat is when the tire is low on air and is flatter than normal. The second is more of a complete blow out rendering the tire unusable. Both are concerning, and a responsible ATV owner should know how to fix these problems. For the flat tire with just a loss of tire pressure, you can simply add air to the tire and make sure the tire valve is secure to avoid another loss of pressure. For a blowout while riding, you should do your best to tow it rather than ride it back to the trailer if possible. While many people choose to go to a mechanic for a blown ATV tire, you can also take care of it yourself in your garage with a little practice. Keep in mind that changing an ATV tire is not the same as changing a regular car tire and you will want to brush up on this topic beforehand.

  3. 3. Cleaning the air filter

    One of the most important of the easy ATV fixes is to clean the air filter. There are a few signs of air filter trouble such as a shuddering when you try to start the engine or an unexplainable loss of horsepower. The air filter keeps bad stuff from getting in the carburetor so it’s one of the most important and often neglected areas of an ATV. Cleaning the air filter is relativity easy and can be done in your garage rather than at a shop which makes it crucial to learn. The way you clean the filter will vary based on the type of filter you have, and the specifics of your machine so make sure you check this matter before taking a DIY approach on this task.

  4. 4. Replacing CV boot

    Another important part of ATV care is maintaining the CV boot. This item is essential to your axle and needs adequate attention. If the CV boot is worn or broken, it can lead to problems ranging from suspension issues to complete axle failure later on so this is an important area of the machine to check and repair as needed. The type of CV boot you will need depends on the specifics of your machine, but changing one is relatively easy and can be learned with a few how-to guides and completed in a few hours.

  5. 5. Charging the battery

    The battery is the power source of your ATV. Without a powerful battery, your ATV won’t start up for a ride. There are also signs your battery is low even though the machine still starts up. If your lights seem dimmer than usual or the vehicle seems to shudder after you start it, the battery might be the issue. You can easily check the battery with a voltage or electrolyte measuring tool. Charging a battery should be a regular part of your routine. This will extend the life of the battery and improve the performance of your machine when the battery is fully charged.