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Choosing The Right WaveRunner Apparel And Gear

Choosing The Right WaveRunner Apparel And Gear

When choosing the right WaveRunner apparel and gear, it's helpful to first consider where you'll be riding, the weather for the day, and what your personal needs as a rider are. You'll want your ride to be as comfortable, safe, and fun as possible. This could mean you need a wetsuit, rash guard, a pair of high-traction shoes, racing gloves, and more. With the right WaveRunner apparel, you'll have the perfect day out on the water.

Diving and Snorkeling

If you're taking breaks from riding to go snorkeling or diving, you need quality equipment to comfortably and safely explore. Once you've reached your destination, like a cove or cave, you'll need a mask, snorkel, and fins. These will help you move around in the water and see all of the fish, plants, coral, rocks, and other marine sightings with clarity. These items must fit securely to work properly. You don't want your snorkel or mask filling up with water. You also want a snug fit for your fins, so when you kick, they naturally propel you along. Ill-fitting fins won't help you all that much. If you're diving, you won't need the snorkel or a life jacket.

Body Glove® offers fin, mask, and snorkel sets in a spectrum of color options for you and other riders. The tempered glass in the masks meets ANSI standards. The silicone strap and mouthpiece ensure a comfortable fit, so you can worry more about watching the marine life below you and less about an aching jaw from a poorly made snorkel. Many masks even have a GoPro camera mount to record all that you see. These diving and snorkeling options can easily be stored in your bags so when you're ready to move on, you can throw it all into your storage box or bag.

WaveRunner Racing

If you're interested in watercraft racing, there are a few apparel items you'll need to have ready. A full-face helmet is crucial to both head protection and vision. The helmet will keep your eyes protected from overspray so you can focus on the course. Many riders choose to wear wetsuits for competitions. These are available in full body sleeveless and short-sleeve suits, as well as long-sleeved tops. They're ideal for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and wind chill. To stay locked into place as you're racing, shoes will be needed as well. JetPilot® is a fantastic source for aquatic shoes with reliable traction capabilities. From Ride Socks to Hyro Shoes and boots, you can find the right style and foot protection you need. They'll offer a bit of warmth for your feet and keep them safe from developing a rash. Being able to grip the handlebars can make or break your performance, so a quality-made pair of gloves is absolutely necessary. JetPilot® also has glove options with reinforced thumb stitching and tacky palms for superior grip. For an accidental spill, a life jacket will help keep you safe until you board your WaveRunner again.

Recreational Riding

Whether you're out with a group of friends or the family, there are several ways you can dress for this type of recreational riding. Rashguards will provide extra UV protection and block irritation from both saltwater and the life jacket rubbing your skin. These can be found in short and long sleeve options for adults and teens. If you'd rather not wear a rashguard, a t-shirt will also work well. Your life jacket must be able to fit underneath the shirt. If you're a more experienced rider, you may wish to wear Ride Socks or gloves while you're out on the water. If you're riding on a cool day, you may need to wear a wetsuit or rashguard to help preserve your body heat until the weather warms up. Some riders even wear a heavier coat for windy days.

Ensure you have the storage capacity for your warmer clothing should the day's temperature rise. The same is true vice versa—be prepared for the weather to shift while out on the water as well. If the forecast is calling for rain or winds even if it's sunny outdoors, prepare for it anyway. Getting cold out on the water is a major issue, especially if something were to malfunction on your WaveRunner. While you may only wish to bring along the essentials for the day's outing, it's smart to pack just a bit more for emergencies. You'll also want to pack a dry t-shirt and shorts in a dry bag or other storage box for when you're ready to head home.

No matter where or how you ride your WaveRunner, a life jacket is always mandatory for safety. You can use a standard one or one that perfectly matches your watercraft. However, it must fit you perfectly and be able to hold your weight in the water. Wear your life jacket at all times while the WaveRunner is in motion.