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Best Street and Cruiser Accessories

Known for speed and performance sure to excite any motorcycle enthusiast, Yamaha is a top choice for both street and cruiser models. Whether you love the extra stability of a cruiser or prefer the sleek design of a street model, the bike is only part of the equation. You also need the right accessories to make the most of the journey! Here are a few suggestions for the best street and cruiser accessories to help you enjoy the ride for years to come.

Jumper Cables

When looking at the best street and cruiser accessories, this is one that is often overlooked. There is nothing more frustrating than going out for a ride and ending up stranded over a dead battery. This is where jumper cables come in to get you back on the road. While most people think of jumper cables as big, bulky things that will take up too much space on their bike, it is important to remember that motorcycle jumpers tend to be more compact than the ones in a regular car. This compact size makes them easier to store in your saddlebag without worry.

Grip Heaters

If you ride where cold weather is a concern, then adding grip heaters is a no-brainer. This is one of the best street and cruiser accessories because it adds to the overall comfort of the ride while helping to ensure mobility. If your fingers are frozen on a ride, it is pretty hard to steer properly. These are easy to install and offer a great return on investment in terms of winter comfort.

Saddlebag or Storage Tank

It is important to have a secure, safe place to store personal items while riding. Saddlebags are a big part of making the most of your cruiser motorcycle. They give you a place to store essentials like a change of clothes, wallet, purse, cell phone, or other must-have items for your outing. While street models do not typically employ saddlebags due to the design, they can use storage tanks, or the rider can wear a backpack to store personal items on a ride.


If you have a cruiser, adding a windshield is a great idea. This accessory will serve a few purposes. It helps keep wind, rain, and snow out of your face while also blocking dirt, bugs, and anything else that flies up on the road. Adding a windshield also adds to the overall look of your cruiser. Best of all, they are pretty easy to install in just about any Yamaha cruiser model.

Phone Mount

When it comes to the best street and cruiser accessories, a phone mount is one of the most important. If you can only buy one accessory right now, this is the one you need. A phone mount allows you to keep your phone accessible while keeping your hands on the handlebar. It makes it easier to take a call, use your GPS, or listen to your favorite playlist.


Finally, when adding to your collection of motorcycle accessories, you definitely need a cover. A cover protects your bike from dirt, dust, scratches, and moisture leading to rust. Whether you have a street or cruiser model, this is an easy way to safeguard your motorcycle with one simple accessory. This is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to keep their ride in great condition for years of enjoyment.