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Best Rhino Accessories

When you want a ride that is always fun and functional, the Yamaha Rhino offers it all for a range of purposes. Intrepid enough to take on tough terrains for trail riding yet reliable enough for doing work tasks, this side by side is the versatile choice you need. When you want to add even more function, check out our list of the best Rhino accessories to help make the most of the ride.


One of the absolute best Rhino accessories, a windshield offers a few basic yet important advantages. For starters, most Rhino models do not come with a windshield since they are considered open-concept in designs. While this is a lot of fun on a nice day, it can be an issue when the weather isn't as nice. Adding a windshield can help protect you from snow, rain, and wind. It can also prevent mud, dirt, and debris from getting all over you when you ride.


Another one of the best Rhino accessories, a snowplow adds to the overall versatility and function of your side by side. With a snowplow, you can easily take on harsh winters and tough tasks without worry. Best of all, this accessory is easy to install and take off so you can use it only when you need it.

Storage Box

When looking for accessories to up the function and enjoyment of the ride, you need a reliable storage solution. A storage box is the perfect way to take essentials with you while ensuring a safe, secure holding spot sturdy enough to withstand the ride. When riding over rough terrain, there are lots of impacts and bumps. A storage box ensures that everything stays inside the vehicle rather than falling out unnoticed. It is also great when doing wet or muddy riding since it keeps your stuff contained and clean.


Adding mirrors to your Rhino side by side is a great idea. It makes it easier to back up in tight spots without hitting anything. It is also one of the easier ways to add to the function of your Rhino since they install using a clamp in most cases. You can add rearview mirrors in several sizes as well such as rounded options similar to a car or elongated mirrors for even better visibility.

Seat Covers

When looking for the best Rhino accessories to keep your ride in great condition, seat covers are a must-have for anyone. Whether you use your side by side vehicle for work, play, or a mixture of both, this a vehicle made for tough terrains and conditions. When you combine that fact with the open-concept design, the potential for seat damage is definitely a big concern. This is where seat covers save the day. They protect the actual seat from damage while adding a bit more style. Best of all, you can remove them, wash them, and put them back to avoid a dirty looking ride.


Finally, another great accessory you should consider is a vehicle cover. You want to protect your Rhino from any damages when not in use and a cover ensures that happens. An uncovered vehicle is vulnerable to dust, scratches, and rust. A cover simply creates a barrier between all those concerns and your side by side vehicle.