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ATV Trail Repair Tools

ATV Trail Repair Tools

When you are out riding, you need the right tools in case something goes wrong. Of course, you don’t want to bring your entire toolbox with you because it would weigh down your vehicle. Here are the top ATV trail repair tools you should bring with you on every ride.

  1. 1. Tire pressure gauge

    One of the most important ATV trail repair tools you should have on hand is a tire pressure gauge. When you are out riding, a loss of tire pressure can lead to a huge inconvenience such as being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. If you have a tire pressure gauge on hand, you can check the tire pressure during the ride if anything seems to be riding a bit off which can alert you to pressure issues.

  2. 2. Tire plug repair kit

    If you find you are losing tire pressure while out on a ride, you need a solution to help with this, so you can make it back to where you parked the truck and trailer. A tire plug repair kit may be the perfect solution. If you find a hole in your tire while out on a ride, having a way to patch it up quickly is the difference between calling a ride short and having to tow your ATV so you don’t ruin your wheel hubs or axle. Some kits even come with a hand air pump which is ideal for when you are losing tire pressure but can’t locate the leak or hole.

  3. 3. Allen wrench set

    Another important thing to have on hand, an Allen wrench set is one of the most useful ATV trail repair tools. These wrenches can be used to tighten a variety of areas of importance on your ATV so make sure you bring a set along. These tools should be carried in several sizes but make sure they are sizes applicable to your machine before you bring extras you don’t need.

  4. 4. Pliers

    This is a must-have in any toolbox for any type of vehicle. A good pair of pliers can be used for a range of needs. They can be used for working with wirings, pesky bolts in need of a tighter grip, and even things non-vehicle related because they are one of the most versatile tools in existence.

  5. 5. Tow strap

    There is no denying that you will eventually get stuck and need a tow. Whether this is due to a mechanical issue making the vehicle undrivable or getting stuck in a ditch or mud hole, you will need a tow at some point. You should always have a tow strap in your riding tool arsenal for this very moment. Walking your ATV back can be long, hard, and exhausting. A tow strap makes it easy to get your ATV out of a tough situation or back to the trailer in the event of a breakdown.

  6. 6. Bolt kit

    A bolt kit is good to have on hand in case a bolt comes off while riding rough terrains. This will allow you to replace any missing bolts right away instead of waiting and taking on more damage to the ATV. Make sure you bring bolts that are the right size for the common bolts used on your model.

  7. 7. Screwdriver

    Much like pliers, screwdrivers are a versatile and essential tool and should be included in any toolkit. A good idea for this item is to carry a multifunctional screwdriver with the most common bit attachments rather than carrying a complete set. This will give you all the functionality of this tool without the need for extra carrying weight.

  8. 8. Axle wrench

    While pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers are multipurpose tools for several areas of your machine, there is one tool you simply can’t substitute and that’s an axle wrench. The nut on the rear axle can become loose during a ride and lead to damages to the axle carrier bearings. If you have an axle wrench on hand, you can easily and quickly remedy this issue.

  9. 9. Rachet extension bar

    While having an axle wrench is important, you will also need a rachet extension bar to use the wrench. The nut on the axle isn’t easy to reach and an extension bar makes it easier to use the axle wrench to tighten this important nut.