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ATV Theft Prevention Tips

ATV Theft Prevention Tips

As an all-terrain vehicle owner, you want to protect your investment for years of enjoyment. ATV theft is an all too common threat in today’s world. Here are a few useful ATV theft prevention tips to help you safeguard your vehicle against being stolen.

  1. Don’t leave the keys on it

    The biggest tip is to never leave the keys where it makes it easier for someone to steal your ATV. If you leave the keys in the ignition or storage bag because it’s easy for you to find when you are ready to ride, you are also leaving the keys where it’s easy for criminals to find them. You should also be careful about leaving the keys somewhere obvious, such as on a key hook in your house or garage, because it is still making it easier for a thief to steal your ATV.

  2. Store it indoors rather than outdoors

    One of the best ATV theft prevention tips is to store your vehicle indoors. Whether in a garage, shed, or a designated storage unit, an ATV stored indoors is less likely to be tampered with thanks to the added protection of a locked door.

  3. Use a chain and lock

    If you can’t store your ATV in a locked indoor location, you should never leave it unattended without securing it somehow, and a chain and lock are the best solution. Many people choose to chain and lock their ATV to a tree which helps reduce the likelihood of theft. Make sure you use a thick chain that isn’t easy to cut through for the best results.

  4. Store it nearby

    Whether you store it indoors in a garage, shed, or storage unit or you chain it up to a tree, one of the best ATV theft prevention tips is store it nearby. You want to keep your ATV somewhere you can easily go check on it. If you choose to store it at a designated storage facility, make sure you choose one close enough to your house to go without hassle. If you are storing it chained to a tree on your property, make sure it can be seen from a nearby window to keep an eye on it or at the very least a part of your property you can easily access on a moment’s notice.

  5. Consider ground anchors

    If you are storing your ATV in a garage or shed with a concrete floor, you can consider adding ground anchors as an additional security measure. Ground anchors are bolted to the ground, so it makes it even harder to steal your ATV.

  6. Keep it in view

    Whether you are at the campsite or stopping to grab lunch at a restaurant with your ATV on the trailer, keep it where you can see it all times. If this means parking near a window and then asking for a table by that window, so be it. If it means staying close to the campsite to keep an eye on your ATV, do what has to be done. The easiest way to avoid having something valuable stolen from under you is to watch it intently.

  7. Remove tire valves or fuses

    An easy way to prevent people from stealing your ATV is to make it undrivable. For instance, removing the tire valves will let the air out which can be a pain to deal with later, but if you aren’t riding it often, will make it impossible to steal. Removing a few key fuses such as the ones related to the fuel system or starter will also do the trick.